Prices and Plans

Are you interested in Prices and Plans? Most of our private customers (not having any business) use our services. Some things like updating medical records, entering information on sales leads, logging billing info, or just creating new user profiles are just some of our regular things.

In today’s world there is a need for Answering Mails, Data Entering, Data Research, Organizing bills or orders, Organising Mail, Organising web page or blog, Ghostwriting, name it – we can cover all these duties. We can even create a web page or complete cover for it. The only thing that we need is an opportunity. Our Virtual Assistant can help you with even more support than you can think.

We can’t forget on the social aspect of our life. Private or business, Social identity needs to be outside and everyone needs to have a social account. Do you know that back in 2016 we worked for one 81 years old granny? We manage to create a Facebook account so she can write msg and respond to her son’s wall status in Australia. Don’t forget that communicating with clients, managing Facebook Ads, a new post on your private or business Facebook page are a “must”. Give us an opportunity to show your business to the world.
It does not matter what kind of business you run because we can help you with Organising Orders or Mails, Organising Stock, Sales Reports, Billing Reports, Calendar, Webshop (eBay, Etsy, Amazon…) admin, Creating Web Pages, Event advertising…

If you don’t think or not sure that you need Virtual Assistant try and see our Blog posts and maybe you find us useful.

The reason why we don’t have payment active link is that before we agree on everything we want to be sure that we are on the same page. Below are only the most used packages. If you have a question feel free to ask.


Starter Bucket
We can start here. This is great way
to see if a virtual assistant right for you.
Included: 1 hour per day
Mon - Fri (5 hours)
Contact Us First
Light Bucket
Our most popular offer. Usualy included
with Social Advertising Program
Included: 2 hour per day
Mon - Fri (10 hours)
Contact Us First
Expert Bucket
Our best rate for larger or ongoing projects.
Usualy included Social Program Activity.
Included: 3 hour per day
Mon - Fri (15 hours)
Contact Us First