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Our virtual assistants are skilled in many different areas. This allows us to help you in almost every facet of your company. Below is a list of some of the most common tasks we do. 

Your bucket of hours can be spread across any number of these tasks (or other tasks) so don’t worry about trying to pick just one. If you still think that you can’t find the right task please send us a mail or call us and hear what we can offer you.


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Virtual Data Entry Support

Updating medical records
Entering information on sales leads
Logging billing info for customers
Creating new user profiles

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Virtual Admin Support

Answering mails
Data Entry
Organizing orders
Manage your calendar

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Virtual Social Media

Create/update your Facebook page
Schedule Posts
Add new products/features
Interact with your followers ​

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How Virtual Assistant can benefit your business

If you are a founder, you know how critical it is to manage your time. And if you are a busy one, you’re all too familiar with inbox and calendar management taking up on that precious time. While you’d usually hire a full-time personal assistant (PA) to carry out these tasks, over the past couple of years a far more flexible and efficient solution to the problem has emerged.

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